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+ Software, Clinical

Providers across the care continuum are tasked with being able to produce improved clinical outcomes while reducing cost and increasing patient satisfaction. By leveraging the powerful Netsmart network, care providers can seamlessly and securely integrate information across communities, collaborate on the most effective treatments and improve outcomes for those in their care. Our streamlined systems and personalized workflows put relevant information at the fingertips of users when and where they need it.

+ Software, Electronic Health Records

Our powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use platform provides accurate, up-to-date information which is easily accessible to care team members. Our robust integration engine connects your organization with thousands of other providers, and allows you to incorporate lab results, HIE information and other data from external sources into workflow and treatment plans. We make the complex simple, so our clients can concentrate on what they do best: provide much needed services and treatment that support whole-person care.

+ Software, Population Health Management

Manage services across providers, track outcomes and simplify reporting with the most powerful, comprehensive set of population health management tools available. Interoperability functionality connects your organization with all providers, including primary and acute care, to create a complete, longitudinal record of each individual. Analytic and reporting tools systematically aggregate data to segment risks in populations, as well as “at risk” individuals within those segments. Collect, analyze and manage patient data across the healthcare continuum to improve both financial and clinical outcomes.

+ Telehealth/Telepsychiatry Systems

The Netsmart Telehealth platform enables a virtual healthcare community network of more than 200 million consumers, 600,000 providers and over 25,000 organizations combined. It helps connects clinicians with clients to provide remote services that are fully integrated into workflows. Using live, mobile technology is a cost–effective way to reach new clients and/or support your clients in their preferred care setting. Eliminate the walls of treatment and improve outcomes and client satisfaction with our Telehealth platform.


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